Welcome to Retro Watches – A small + flexible retail business based in North Yorkshire

Our mission is to showcase Retro Design Inspired watches,
to deliver quality + value

Ian Abbott t/a Retro Watches Creative Director
Ian Abbott Harrogate

We aim for the outlook and professionalism of a large online retailer.

You are however, dealing with an individual who provides a dedicated, friendly service.

We are an online business since 2013, and have display cabinets at retail centres in Harrogate & Knaresborough

When you deal with us you are supporting small business and in turn the local economy and the many small businesses, specialist traders and suppliers that we work with.

In an online marketplace saturated with large retailers backed by big investment,  there is no sense presenting the same brands you find on the high street.

We look for emerging micro brands and unique timepieces, we create our own brands, import the best value best selling fashion watches and always aim to deliver value.

We guarantee the smooth running of every watch we sell (-the movement, not accidental damage / wear and tear – physical condition is the responsibility of the owner)

Watch Repair Testimonial

“My step-father’s last wish in 2004 was that I wore the Omega automatic watch that he had chosen to keep locked away and unworn when he was alive.
The watch’s sentimental appeal to me was its appearance – the gold casing and gold mesh strap, but it also needed to work as a timepiece if I was to continue wearing it.After numerous, costly failed attempts to get the watch to work for an extended period by various reputable establishments over the last three years, Ian’s watch repairer was able to fit it with a new movement, for a very reasonable charge.
Many thanks to both Ian and his watch repairer for all their efforts and patience, which has enabled me to resume wearing and enjoying it as a functioning watch.”
Philip Hayward, Pannal. May 2016